Make yourself happy and make the world a better place by doing kind things for strangers. It does not necessarily take any money, just a little time and effort. Pay it forward by helping others, and you will reap the rewards.

Real Life Stories of Kindness - Page 3

  • When I was a child of about 7 or 8 years old, I went to a public school where students varied in background and social status. I had a classmate who was constantly bullied because her school uniform looked old and ragged. I decided along with two other girls to help this girl get a new uniform. We faithfully saved every penny of our allowance for about a week. Back then, schools didn't serve lunch; instead you would buy a sandwich with your own money. Convinced we were doing a good thing we sat together during lunch time, feeling hungry and fantasising how this will all be worth it when the girl finally gets a new uniform. When we put all our money together I remember it amounted to a little less than $2. For us kids back then it was a fortune! We were so happy and ran to the school tailor with our money. He asked us why we didn't come with our parents and I put a pile of coins on the table and explained the situation. I can still remember the look on his face and his eyes almost tearing up. He asked us which of us had the closest build to that girl, checked the tag on her uniform and gave us a brand new uniform of that size then picked out a few coins out of the pile and said: that will be it, take back the change. We were so happy that we had about a dollar left and invited the poor girl to a feast of candy and chocolate then presented her with our gift. Little did we know that school uniforms were sold for $15.

  • This is my real story. Actually I Married on May 9th 2010. I married in my native place. After i returned to my city .i Went for work. I am working as a medical representative in the pharma company. On June 1st first of 2010 I met with an accident. A lorry hit the back of my Vehicle. So I fell down and lorry crushed my right part of leg. So I lost my leg above 4 inch from the knee. During that miserable time my wife is doing all necessary things to me. She is kind on me on those days. I really love her so much. The word kind is really suits her.

  • When i was a kid, 12 years old, my parents had big financial problems. My sister was 6 and ready for her birthday party but my parents could not afford it... So i gave all my savings to organise the party for my sister.

  • When I was a young boy about 8 years old, my younger sisters and I got the idea to buy something for my mother for Mother's day. Money was hard to come by. We went around to the neighbors and asked for pop bottles. Back then, soda pop was sold in bottles, and they were washed and refilled. There was a deposit on the bottles of $.02. per bottle We were able to get three cartons, just 18 bottles, making a refund of $.36. I also had three cents saved. So with a grand total of $.39 we walked uptown (about a mile) to where we knew a florist was located.When we went inside, someone asked what we wanted. We told them we wanted to buy flowers for Mothers Day. I reached into my pocket and pulled out our whole stash of cash, asking if that would be enough. Another gentleman, who I am sure was the owner, came over, looked us over, and said "just a minute". He went in back and came out with a geranium plant with gold foil wrapping around the pot. He took my three dimes, a nickle, and four pennies, and said, "Thank you very much." I had no idea that the cost was about four times as much. And we went proudly home carring a flower plant for Mom.

  • One of my friend went for an interview. The location was too far He travelled by bus while he was travelling he has seen an accident all were bypassing ... just seeing the accident No body were ready to help A family who met an accident bleeding My friend also seen But he knew that he has to attend the interview He called 108 ambulance and intimated @ accident and donated blood too But he missed the interview on time He reached late By gods grace he got the job real hero in real life god has blessed him.

  • My name is Jebasingh. I am from a middle class family. As I am living in India, I am among multi-cultural, religions and customs etc.., There are some blind beliefs and superstitions in our society which I hate is existing for long period. So I have decided to transform our society by various elements. In order to do my work I am doing a course on sociology.

  • One year my family was having an extremely hard time of meeting the bills. The work my husband has tends to fall off over the holiday months. This particular year we were unsure of how we were going to purchase any Christmas gifts for the children. We never asked for anything, but some lady that recognized us in town said she had been trying to find us to give us some Walmart gift cards that were given to her. She did not want them and did not know how much was on them, but they were ours. It turns out that they total amount she gave us was $200. The ladies from the church we had just joined also gave us a bunch of gifts for the children. It turned out to be a wonderful Christmas that year!

  • I'm a COPD sufferer and it gets progressively worse as time goes on. When I go into hospital which happens two to three times yearly. My two daughters when they were younger and at school would continue their days as normal until I came back home. They would maintain the home, shopping and bills on top of taking themselves to and from school and stay on top of their homework. Young carers are very much under-estimated by society. If it wasn't for my girls my health would be so much more stressfull to deal with. I am now pursueing the possibility of a double lung transplant and all the obstacles that entails for my girls and I, I have no doubt they will once again step up to the plate as always. I hope they will always know how much I have always and will always adore them.