Make yourself happy and make the world a better place by doing kind things for strangers. It does not necessarily take any money, just a little time and effort. Pay it forward by helping others, and you will reap the rewards.

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  • We were in our car on our way home (we is me, my husband and our two kids). Suddenly two people came out of nowhere, a man and a woman. They came to our car, i whas a bit scared, you hear a lot of crazy stuff happening and my kids were also in the car. They wanted in the car so my husband let them, it turned out that they needed a ride to the train station becouse the train would leave in 10 minutes. We did take them with us and brought them to the train station. They were very happy and thanked us. I learned from it not be think the worst and to trust people more.

  • After having an accident that completely ‘wrote off’ my car, I had to rent a private vehicle (through my insurance coverage) to enable me to keep my business going without much disruption. The insurance settlement was, however, delayed and I had to keep the car for months instead of weeks, as planned. This presented a problem as the insurance company would not cover anything longer than a few more weeks, although they were the ones holding up the settlement. As the extra time was coming to a close-with still no settlement in sight, Mr. Brown, the private car renter, came to my rescue by not only allowing me the extra time free of charge, but by also virtually giving me the vehicle! I was asked only to make some nominal payment-about 10% of its value-to satisfy the legal side of things. I was in awe. I never knew Mr. Brown before, and wondered why he would want to do such a thing. As it turned out, his motives were completely pure, with no strings attached. I remember being so skeptical at first that I immediately took the vehicle to a mechanic to have him do a thorough inspection, even though by then I had been driving it for months and having experienced absolutely no fault with it. The mechanic basically advised me to grab the deal with both hands-which I did.

  • About six years ago I was going through some tough times. I was sitting on a park bench near my office, and it was towards the end of winter. I was trying to write something, anything, but I remember just staring at this empty page in my notebook, zoning out and simply not in a good place at all. And then, this random guy walked by, looked at me, offered this knowing smile, and said to me: "Don’t worry, the weather is going to get warmer soon." That’s all he said, just that, but something very small yet significant changed in me from hearing such simple, kind words from this stranger. I felt just a little bit better, just a little bit more okay, just a little bit more like someone cared. It was soon thereafter that the weather both internally and externally did start to change. I remember months later, thinking about it from a safer, happier place, and wishing that I could have bumped into that stranger again to thank him. As one might imagine, I never got that chance. I had a similar experience a couple months ago. I was on my way home after a tiring day at work and I didn’t want to be bothered with anything. When a seat opened up on the train I looked at the young woman standing near it to see if she was going to take it, but she smiled and told me to go for it as she was getting out at the next stop. Well I was too, but I took the seat anyway because, as I said, I was tired and not in the best of moods. But then as we neared the next stop I felt a little foolish for sitting down for so short a time. As I gathered my things I looked at the young woman and said just that, and she replied something to the effect of: "It’s been a long day–you deserve a break even if it is only for a few minutes." Such a small bit of kindness really changed my attitude that evening, and it was nice to experience that simple little encounter. But I later realized that while her kind words and smile helped make a bad day a little better for me, I didn’t even think to thank her. And then I met her last week when she came over to my house for dinner. These things don’t happen in real life, or at least I never thought they did. But it turns out she is married to an old friend I recently reconnected with, and they just moved to my neighborhood. And so I had invited them over for a Friday night meal. When she came through the front door I couldn’t place her at first but I knew she looked familiar. When we finally connected the dots it was, well, quite brilliant, I’d say. And one of the best parts was that, unlike my experience six years ago, this time I actually got a second chance to say two simple words: "Thank you." We don’t often get such second chances, though. My point is that even a simple kind word or act from a complete stranger can have a positive impact on someone else’s day. As the giver of kindness or as the receiver, no one should take that kindness for granted. So be kind, and appreciate when others are kind to you, whether you know them or not. And then maybe we can all pay it forward a little and brighten up the next person’s day as well. Because you never really know how much you can affect someone else, either on a large scale or a small scale. If we can all simply keep in mind to be good, to be kind, and to act towards others as we would have them act towards us, then maybe we can actually make this world a better, nicer, happier place in which to live.

  • India is a country but also called as a sub continent for its diversity of race and culture. It makes a good ad campaign for the government to say "Unity in Diversity", however this is reality. It was a usual friday affair, Mr Kamath 80, an ardent Hindu, would wear his Saffron shirt. You’d ask why on a Friday? cos that’s the day Muslims would be busy with their holy day for Namaz. He finished his prayers and went to his shop. The day was very slow as there were very few customers. He had to visit the pharmacy close by and hence left the shop to hurry back later. Mr Kamath was a diabetic and was a regular at the pharmacy to buy his medicines. The pharmacy was crowded and in the hustle Mr Kamath lost his footing. THUD! He fell down and on his way hit an iron rod. Blood oozing down his head he fell unconscious. Thankfully for the quick thinking pharmacist the blood was curtailed through first aid. The pharmacist sent out a boy to Mr Kamath's shop to inform them about the fall, unfortunately the boy was not sure of the shop hence he reached the place and started shouting the name of Mr Kamath. Mr Kamath's shop was in the market and right opposite was a shop with kitchen wares looked after by a Muslim family. Sadiq the son of the owner was about to go for his prayers when he heard Mr Kamath's name being called out and went to enquire. He rushed immediately to help Mr Kamath to a hospital. At the hospital a profusely bleeding Mr Kamath was to be aided but they found something very suspicious. A Muslim boy bringing in an injured Hindu man. This must be definitely a case of religious outburst, they thought in the hospital. Mr Kamath who had regained consciousness was enquired again and again about his injury. Separately Sadiq was asked the same questions. This went on for a while till finally the authorities were satisfied and Mr Kamath was given all the medical facilities. That day was truly when Mr Kamath realized how menial his thinking was and thankful to Sadiq for the timely help.

  • God has gifted mankind with many virtues. Kindness is among those virtues. Without kindness and forgiveness, the world would be a sad place to live in. It is our religious as well as moral duty to be kind towards others. I had done many acts of kindness in my life but one of those is that I could never forget in my life. I used to be ignorant and selfish and never paid attention to anyone's advice. One day I had to go to the hospital to see my friend, who had been injured in an accident. In the hospital, I saw a mother who looked very sad and was crying due to her daughter's sickness. I could not stop myself and went to her to ask about her daughter's sickness. And then, she told me a painful story. She told me that she was a house-wife and worked as maid to fill her family needs. Her husband was a drug addict. He used to beat his wife to steal her money for fulfilling his drug needs. It was an irony of fate that her daughter became the patient of leukemia. In this disease, patient's red blood cells decrease very fast. But the poor mother could not afford her hospital expenses, she did not have even the money to go back home in bus. On hearing her sad story, I looked at the cute child's face and could not stop my tears. But I decided that I will help the poor mother in every way to get her daughter recovered soon. I narrated the sad story to my college friends and they suddenly agreed to help me in my cause. We planned to run a campaign for collecting donations in our college. And the campaign was very much appreciated by my family, my teachers as well as fellow-students. Due to our efforts, in no time, we collected the donation of 1 million rupees. And we took the money to the hospital. We reached hospital in the nick of time, as the hospital staff was discharging the patient due to lack of money. When we deposited the cash in the hospital, the smile on the face of the girl and her poor mother was worth seeing. She was falling on her knees to thank us. The whole hospital staff clapped on our act of kindness. And it was a moment I would never forget in my life. There was a bright smile on everyone's face as the girl was again admitted in the hospital. Two months have passed since the incident happened and now the girl is recovering quickly and is expected to be discharged in a few weeks and will be able to live a normal life. This act of kindness always keeps me proud of myself.

  • It was about 1 or 2 months before Christmas in 2009 if i remember well. Us the students from my school in Romania, have found out about a family that was freezing in their home because they didn't have windows, They had plastic bags instead, in fact they didn't even live in a home, they lived in an animal shelter. Once we heard about their sad story we decided to take action. So a few of my collegues and two teachers, we have decided to help them. We raised money, enough to build them a new house, we had some people who donated materials to build it, we hired a company who lifted the house in only two weeks, and with the rest of the money we furnished their home, we bought them tons of food, toys for the little children, and arranged the whole garden. It was, i think the best Christmas they had until then, you could see that from those children's eyes, full of joy, and amazement. I'm really glad that we could help that family, i heard that they are really well now and both mother and father have jobs, and the children go to school.

  • One day I went for walk at that time my shoe was damaged i went to the man who is sitting under the tree and making shoe repair he is an handicraft. I went to him and asked to repair my shoe he done it. And i gave him money he gave him and asked to keep the remaining amount. But the man said he didn't need it because he need the money only for his work if he get it more the god won't forgive him and gave me the balance. I was really surprise of his kindness with god.

  • While late for school, I saw a man trying to push his wheel chair to the hospital a couple blocks away. Unfortunately for the man, he had a broken arm and the street to the hospital was up hill. Stunned by the people walking by, I disregarded my tardiness for school to give this man a hand and push him to the hospital.

  • Last summer I was traveling with my wife in our brand new SUV when this incident happened. We were on our way to a tourist destination in Goa (INDIA) to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. During our journey down the highway a motorist overtook our SUV and suddenly started merging into my lane. That was unexpected, which forced my car move onto the shoulder of the road. Being a very good driver for the past many years, I maneuvered my SUV back onto the highway without allowing road rage to consume me. In fact I wasn't happy with the person for cutting me off, but I decided to consider it an honest mistake or some lack of attention to the lane change. Perhaps the driver was lost in a good daydream, my wife said. Soon we saw the funny side of it and started joking about the driver. I was damn sure that it could not have been an intentional act. The car sped away after cutting me off and soon was out of sight. As we came around a curve, we found the same car off the road and crashed into trees. I decided see what the problem was. I pulled over my car on the roadside and set off to see whether anybody was injured. To my surprise I saw an elderly gentleman inside the car. He was unconscious and his head was bleeding. With nobody to call for help in sight, I decided to take him to some hospital nearby. My wife and I carried him back to our SUV and put him in the backseat. I drove the car really fast despite not being a good fan of speed. Fortunately some 15-20 minutes later, we found a medical center. We called for help and the injured old man was taken into the treatment room. After a while the doctor came out and informed us that the man we brought just survived a fatal heart attack. Had we been a little late to give him medical care, he would have been dead by now. I felt a sense of relief and happiness as well, hearing the good news. I was hot, sweaty and dirty, but I sure did feel good after a generous act of kindness to someone who had earlier run me off the road, needless to say he had been experiencing a heart attack at that time.

  • One of my friend's brother-in-law was very serious was admitted in hospital for few days got all check-ups done and brought him home. He had two son's one married and both of them are working but don't have enough money to pay the hospital bills and other expenses. Neither their dad had any savings. That time my friend and I we both helped them paying of their hospital bills which were in lac's. Even after paying so much of money still there were some more bills to be paid the children were to tensed what to do? don't know.. only GOD can help us that was their situation. Both of them were on unpaid leave for more than two months. Somehow they mortgaged their gold and took gold loan. And even my friend did the same he too took gold loan since we ran out of cash. After doing all these at last we came to know that the patient cannot leave long. The day when all the surgery and treatment was done and he was about to get discharged suddenly something went wrong with him and within no seconds he passed away.

  • One fine Monday morning, I was proceeding to my church for a general meeting. On the way, I found a small pup suffering from a bleeding wound. As I am always very much concerned about pets, I was stopped by the pitiful cry of the pup. I could not move forward leaving it helpless. Also, I could not carry it for immediate medical help, as veterinary care centers were quite far from that area. Immediately, I called to my friend who was at church to assist me in getting proper medication for the pup. But before he could come, I saw some guys crossing me. When I sought their help, they smilingly took the pup in their vehicle and took it for care center. There, they gave the needed medications for the pup. Really I felt everyone has kindness in their hearts. It is expressed in some point of life to others. The day was very happy for me. Kindness, not only favors others when we show it, but also gives us a contented and satisfied feel.

  • I ran into an old friend I used to work with. We chatted for a while and decided to hang out. Over the day I learned he was down on his luck and had been laid off. We had both worked at the same place, and I had quit a year ago. We had a few laughs and I ended up giving him about $40 towards cigarettes and food.

  • My kindness story started before christmas. My two children have left home and myself and my husband were left, renting a large three bedroom house we could not afford anymore, money was running out and we tried the council, and they refused to help, and we could not find another place to live, my land lady`s mother has kindly helped, offering a smaller place to rent when nobody else would help, it is cheaper and she is keeping her eye open for a flat for us to retire in, if it was not for my land lady and her mum i would be homeless, they have always been very helpful, and saved me from living on the street.

  • Not much of big story but it warmed up my heart, there was a bus stop near my house where I get my bus to work everyday, near there you can always see a group of abandoned dogs, skinny, dirty and weak dogs, but they are always together, like a family. One day on my way to the bus stop someone had left some dog food for them and even though all of them were hungry they ate just the enough for themselves and left some for the weakest ones. Not much of a big story, but for me it was really heartwarming.

  • The other day, while waiting in line at the grocery store, I was holding just on item. The woman in front of me had a cartful of items, plus two fighting kids. Despite these distractions, she still noticed my situation and offerred me a spot ahead of her in line, which I gladly accepted. I thought it was going above and beyond for someone with a lot on their hands to deal with.

  • It was pouring out, about 9pm and I was in a completely foreign state, 6 hours from home. I knew vaguely where I was, but I didn't know anyone in the area at all. All of a sudden, my car shuts off in the middle of the interstate, forcing me off to the side of the road. So there, in the middle of the pouring rain, no AAA or any means to contact the outside world, I sat in my car, unable to do much of anything except for wait. About 30 minutes after my car broke down, I saw caution lights in my rear view mirror. A tow truck! It turns out that the tow truck driver was on his way home from work, spotted my car, and offered to tow me to a more populated area. A random act of kindness that allowed for me to contact someone and secure a ride home.

  • Actually just happened yesterday....I had to deliver a huuuuge awkward package on the back of my bike to someone across kept sliding and falling and stuff, and I got so frustrated that I started having a full-blown anxiety attack in the middle of a city street...well, not ONE person stopped to help...someone asked 'Are you okay?'.....But just kept on that didn't help...I prayed to the universe to send someone to help, and not one minute later, a guy stopped and asked if I needed help...he spent fifteen minutes helping me think of a solution that worked, and saved my entire day from being ruined. God Bless that guy.

  • I was at MacDonalds late one night and I was really thirsty, so i was ordering a drink. The man in front of me heard my order and offered me his drink as he didn't really want it.

  • When I was small i used to get Rs 2/- as pocket money from my mom every week . i used to save it .After which i used to buy ice cream ,my favourite . I love ice creams like anything. But once when i went to ... i saw a woman with her 2 year old starving . I couldn't see them in that situation . so instead of buying ice cream i bought meals and gave it to her . she felt very happy. Then is when i realised what real happiness is . I felt so happy and proud . I told my dad about what happened . He felt the same ... he was so happy that he bought me ice cream ;)

  • Would like to share an act of kindness, which I practice regularly and which gives me great joy. I always carry at least $3 in my car and also in my pocket. I save it for the first person who asks if I can "spare some change". Smiling and maintaining eye contact, I always respond very cheerfully with a comment like, "Yes, I would love to" or "It would be my pleasure". And I give them the $3. I then replace it with my next $3 for the next person. I never spend this money myself. I honor that it is the possession of the next person who asks for it. Three dollars is a small amount, yet it means a lot to the person who expected 25 cents, especially, when delivered with joy and respect to them. I also have taken to carrying items that I think the needy may be able to use. I carry hats and socks and gloves and an umbrella. Recently I put together some care packages for the homeless. It occurred to me that things like band-aids, toothpaste, aspirin, combs, as well as food would be of use. I imagined that they would need things to be non-breakable, so I chose plastic or paper containers. The folks who received them were delighted. But I think it's not just that I give them things that matters. It's that I see them for the beautiful ray of lights that they are. I know that they are unique expressions of the Divine and that this is how they are at the current time, not who they are. I am glad to also give a hug and a smile, with the money. And I always remember it is they who bless me with an opportunity to be kind. What a joy. In fact, yesterday a young lady to whom I gave the three dollars and a hat, asked if I could use a spare pair of gloves she had! So I accepted them for the next person who needs them. I was touched that she wanted to give me something. She gave me more than she guesses.

  • Once i was travelling from one place to another in a Bus for about 260 kms. Once i boarded the Bus i occupied my seat. After about 10 minutes in a stoppage one old man boarded the bus. The bus conductor said he does not have a seat but if someone does not turn up he will give the seat to that person. It being the last bus for that route that day and since he had urgent work he said he will wait. After 15 minutes all seats were full and for next 15 minutes i did not notice the old man and thought he has got down. But after some time i was surprised to see the old man standing behind me. I started feeling uneasy as i was young but occupying a seat while an old man of more than twice my age was struggling to stand. I asked him what was the urgency to travel and he replied that he has to attend a marriage which was to take place at 0900 hours next morning and this bus reaches at 0600 hrs. I started feeling very very uneasy and finally i could not control my emotions and the humanity inside me. I finally offered my seat to the old man and he initially said no but after i insisted he occupied the seat. Then started the work of emotion over all the persons in the bus.Then was the musical chair and everyone changed their seats every 15 minutes until everyone was standing during the journey for at least 15 minutes. The entire journey of 6 and half hours passed. At destination when i got down from the bus the old man came to me and said " God bless you and may you succeed for whatever reason you came to this place". Then he went. I had gone to that place for an interview in the morning and believe me the words of that old man worked wonders and i got that job. Till today i am searching for that old man to let him know how grateful i am for his wishes and i believe his wishes worked for me. Hence i always believe if you give selflessly you will get your due.

  • It is a story about kindness. in fact it is not a story. it is a practical incident which is happend in my life. when i was 18 years old i used to stay in a house in other town. i used to receive money from my parents for my rental and other expenses. but on one day i lost money in travel and that day is the last day for my examination fee. i have expressed my problem to many of my friends but i could not receive a positive response. then i have expressed my problem to my maths lecturer and immediately he gave me money for the examination fee. i am really thankfull for the kindness shown by my maths lecturer.


  • I travel by train, but that time a little money. That time a street boy comes inside the train. He stage is very pathetic. Many of the travelers shouted to him. He will clear from the next stop. That time I give my lunch box and money. I saw his eyes with small smile.

  • I have a friend who lost her leg to cancer more than 25 years ago. During her ordeal with cancer she became friends with many people along the way. With three of those friends she decided to write a book, each person would write about their own journey. Before they began one of the women had another cancer diognosed and was not able to write. The three other women continued and eventually they completed their story with the intent of making their friend proud. These ladies decided to self publish, and they did. They then decided that any cancer center within their reach would have a free copy of their book. Now that my husband has cancer and I accompamy him to treatment I always look for the book my friend wrote. They title their book "Choosing to Smile" It has helped many people cope with their illness, to give them hope and help them avoid depression. I am so proud of my friend for having done this. It would have been very easy for these ladies to sell their book and never give any away. Their kindness helps people to smile.

  • About three years ago I was robbed. The robber came into my house at night, when I was sleeping, and went through my downstairs. He stole money, electronics, clothes but most importantly, my medicines. I have a heart problem and diabetes and my medicines save my life every day. I am fairly poor and had just spent almost all my money on new medicines. Needless to say, I was a wreck. I live in a small community, word spread of the robbery, and people came to my house with food and new clothes. One morning a few days after the robbery I found a cheque in my mailbox, a cheque with enough money to buy more medication, for several months. I still don't know who gave me the money but I am forever grateful.

  • I was in an accident in June of 2011 in the critical care unit, I had a broken femur, head trauma and two surgeries. I was very scared and not sure of what was really going on. There was a nurses aide who was on my hall only one time. I told him how I was feeling scared. He said don't you worry even if I'm not on this hall I will make sure I come to see you every night, Except of course on my days off. Every night he was on duty he would sit with me for at least 15 minutes or more and told me I would be just fine. I decided that when I heal I want to be able to do the same thing. I may not be able to be a nurse's assistant but I will always volunteer to help at the hospitals. To help people who were in my position.

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